Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One volunteer from Oakland sent this message to all of his Los Angeles contacts and is flying down for the premiere tonight

Friends, I'm writing you this email about a film that I am starting to get involved with called "The Beautiful Truth".

As most of you probably know, my Mom passed away just 3 weeks ago after a 4 month battle with cancer. Before I found out about my mother's diagnosis on July 7th, I felt like cancer was a horrible disease that affects other peoples families. Not my family. Especially not my Mom. My Mom was 67, looked 55 and acted 30. Always the picture of health, full of energy, and full of life every second of every day.

My Mom was told by her doctors that she had stage 4, TERMINAL Cancer, and that her ONLY chance of survival or extension of life is to start "aggressive" chemo and radiation immediately - which she did. She made what she thought was the best road for her based on the info presented by her doctors. Patients given these late stage diagnoses are often expected to decide within hours to choose to take the same traditional methods that have not statistically made ANY improvements since the 1950's, or to face the cancer in alternative ways.

When my Mom was diagnosed and started undergoing the poisoning of her body, I knew very little to nothing about what people did to fight cancer. Doesn't everyone just listen to their doctor?? Doesn't everyone just follow the traditional methods in the face of HORRIBLE survival rates??

After meeting some people who are now very influential in my life, and embarking on many hours of research on my own, my eyes slowly opened to the truth that people in this country, and around the world have treated and BEATEN cancer without a touch of Chemotherapy poisoning or radiation. These people believe and have irrefutable proof that cancer is an immunodeficiency disease that our body can beat if it is armed correctly.

I am in no way a conspiracy theorist. I am the type of person who is generally more trusting of the establishment than I should be. The fact of the matter is however that the pharmaceutical lobby is one of the largest in the world, and just how tobacco companies ran the FDA in the 50's-80's, the pharmaceuticals now run the FDA. The thought that really blew my mind on this topic was this -


My Mom was told by 2 Oncologists (One of which is a leading Oncologist at Stanford) that "It doesn't matter what you eat during cancer treatment"

Please think about that for just a few seconds.

Back to this movie. "A Beautiful Truth"

This documentary is about Dr. Max Gerson who found that by having a strict diet that strengthens your immune system and purifies your body most all chronic degenerative diseases INCLUDING CANCER can be cured from the inside out. This film is about health, nutrition, disease, and the people who profit from sickness and death.

So, I am trying to help this film by getting people to see it in these early screenings. If you are going to be in the LA area around Thanksgiving, please see below.

I am flying in to LA on Wednesday and will be at the screening Wednesday night. If you can make it Wednesday at 5PM that would be great! They are trying to pack the place to help get this film nationwide distribution. This is possibly one of the most important films ever made because of it's message.

Yes my Mom had cancer when she died, but the cancer didn't kill her. The treatment did. Had I known what I know now 6 months ago, we would have at least been able to look more carefully at options. We would have been able to possibly save my Mom's life.

I do not believe that Doctors wish patients anything but success and full recovery. I did witness very caring doctors throughout our time. I do believe however that there is a strict way that the doctors are educated and they are trained to follow these same methods that haven't seen any headway against late stage cancer.

Information is key. It is imperative that people know that there are options available. If you haven't been affected by cancer yet, statistics say you will.

I have many lofty goals in my life, but one now is to take my Mother's infectious energy and work towards making this info available to more people. If I can help save 1 person from the torture that we went through with cancer, then I will feel like I have succeeded.

This film is a step in the right direction.

James L., Oakland , CA

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