Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A fan of "The Beautiful Truth" shared his song with us...

"Where There Is Hope"
A song written by Mark Gil

When we hold the world responsible
For a cure that will not come
Money for our insolence
Filled our pockets to help none
The resilience of democracy
The money just for one
Life holds in the balance
As we lose many loved ones

It will be ok, let me pray for you

Hope for your life is all that's left
We have a right to know the cure
A remedy for the suffering
The reports not being heard

It will be ok, let me hold you

People's agony, before money
A false hope before chemo's done
Loss of hair and all dignity
But my love for you cannot be undone
I want you to know I tried so hard
To believe you would make it through
And see you smile once again

It will be ok, let me comfort you

My tears for your suffering
My hands held up in prayer
Love becomes the light
In all this darkness
When there's nothing left to fear
Remember you
Remember you
Remember me.

Mark is looking for an artist to perform his song...
he can be reached at