Thursday, November 13, 2008

Joyce Dunn

I am so totally thrilled to hear of this movie and getting the information to the public about how cancer can be cured. I am a (so-called) cancer survivor who wanted to go to the Gerson Clinic in 1996 but was met with derision whenever I mentioned an alternative method. I caved in to the pleadings of family and friends and to the exhortations of the medical profession and to this day suffer for that decision. The untold horror stories of the surgeries and chemotherapy have yet to be fully faced by the public, not to mention that cancer is really just a business. I was contacted twice last year by the cancer center where I went, who wanted to find out why I was still alive! They wanted me to come back to give them hair, saliva and blood samples, specifically to see if I had a "gene" that was resistant to cancer (more like resistant to their chemicals) - no thanks!
After surviving the medical profession's protocol, I diligently attempted to take care of myself, with help from a few people, but it was a struggle finding good quality information as the internet did not have the information it does today. And finding organic food was not easy. You have no idea how many times I have wished I could have gone to the Gerson clinic.
My congratulations to Cinema Libre (and Steve Kroschel) for making this film and to Garrett for his courage in pursuing the truth. I look forward to seeing it.
Warm regards,
Joyce D., Texas

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FreeSpirit said...

I am also thrilled that "The Beautiful Truth" will let others know that there is a healthier way to move beyond cancer than the traditional TOXIC medical model. Fortunately, I recognized this 5-1/2 years ago when I ignored my Oncologist's ominous prediction: "Cancer will come back and kill you if you don't do radiation"... and chose a Healthy Lifestyle instead. It wasn't easy ignoring my Oncologist's warning, and additional advice to take Tamoxofin for 5 years, but through prayer and introspection... I decided to put my life in God's hands... and He led me to the realization that: ORGANIC food and faith in our body's natural healing powers is the way to optimum health.